Reactivating My The Old Olive Mill Dhoros WordPress Account

Hi, to all my followers and friends on Facebook and my very few followers on WordPress.

Some two years ago I decided to begin one or two social media forums. I chose Facebook as the current face of The Old Olive Mill Dhoros, and from small beginnings my friendship has grown to over 1,500. I have spent many hours photographing local events and items of interest to share with my friends. telling stories along the way. Later I began a page for The Old Olive Mill to differentiate between The Old Olive Mill, the house I intended to rent out in the future and my profile, which relates the more personal side of my life in Cyprus and the house next door to The Old Olive Mill that I now live in.known as To Skaripo. This is ancient Cypriot for The Cobbler’s house. Both names link back to the original uses of the two houses and use ancient forms of Greek Cypriot names. I recently hit one or two milestones on my facebook sites that I am very proud of; My page has just reached the 300 Like button, I have placed a booking app on my page and I have as of last night registered the .com address theoldolivemilldhoros. So as you can see I have been pretty busy with everything new.

The other forum I chose was WordPress. I had originally intended to tell the story of how we as a family first came to Cyprus and the journey we made to where we find ourselves today; ready to rent out The Old Olive Mill as a holiday retreat. Sadly as far as this forum was concerned I became very lazy and practically forgot it. However I intend to put this situation to rights as soon as possible. To get back into the swing of things I will begin by re-editing my previous posts so that I can pick up the thread from where I broke off, but I will also be sharing some of the mini blogs I wrote for Facebook, so that my future readers will get a flavour of what it is like to A) buy and set up a home in a totally different country to the one they are used to, on a part time basis and all the fun and problems we encountered on the way; such as the electricity finally being installed again in To Skarpariko, but not being connected for another nearly two years! We spent half the time with an electricity lead connected to The Olive Mill, and the other half of the time with the electricity meter blowing up on us! And B) currently living part time in one of the most beautiful villages in Cyprus and all the wonderful things we see and do that are so different from our lives in England.

looking forwards to resharing and then sharing future posts with all of my current and future WordPress followers. 

PS I also intend to place my booking app on this forum in the very near future to give you the chance to visit my beautiful village and second home: The Old Olive Mill Dhoros


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