Arrival: We Place Our feet on Cypriot Land for the 1st Time.

Its a very strange thing to arrive in a totally new country and setting; Especially one that was potentially to be our future second home. We were all exhausted from our journey, but incredibly excited to finally be in Cyprus. Safely landed the Cypriot passengers all began to clap loudly; We were to find this happened every time we touched down in Cyprus; like us they were happy to be home. Just stepping off the plane was a delight; The night air was warm and balmy with a scent of pine.Having found our car we were ready to drive off into the unknown.

larnaca airport

With roadmap and instructions we headed for Lemasos. Once in Lemasos we made our way through numerous roundabouts until we reached the one marked B8 Troodos. Up until now the roads had been pretty straightforward and in a decent state of repair. We were now on the main road to Troodos and found ourselves in pitch black; No lights apart from our car, and a road made of cobbles and pit holes! Added to this some road repairs were obviously going on, as we had to weave between big oil drums, antiquated machinery and continually change from one side of the road to another.  So much for Cyprus driving on the left. The journey was slow and exhausting as we wove our way up the mountains; crossing ravines, reservoirs, steep hills and sharp declines.


Finally we saw the sign for Dhoros. Taking a sharp left onto more cobbled roads we descended into the Kouris valley that the village lies in. With very few lights we could just make out a mixture of stone walls, huge pots, old stone houses, old wooden doors and gates, and raised stone clad fields with dried yellow growth. The roads became narrower until where it became almost too narrow to proceed we reached our house. We entered through an arched wall hung with two huge wooden gates into a small stone courtyard with one of the huge pots I had seen on our way in, We quickly looked around, made our beds and went to sleep absolutely shattered….tbc.


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