Our 1st flight to Cyprus

Booking our first off peak flight to Dhoros, Cyprus was not as easy as I had thought. To begin with only national airline carriers and holiday flights were allowed to enter the country. So no cheap flights as we have now grown used to today. The only direct national carrier flight from Birmingham was Cyprus Airways, (sadly no longer flying from Birmingham) and they were incredibly expensive. Holiday flights to Cyprus were under different rules then, than they are today; everyone flying with them had to have named hotel accommodation on the island.

Ali's Cyprus

Our only solution was to look for a national carrier that touched down in its own country before flying onto Cyprus. We had been told that KLM and Czech Airlines were a possibility, but again they turned out to be terribly expensive. Looking back with hindsight; I think this was possibly due to the lateness of the bookings, since then we have learnt to book sometimes a year ahead to get the cheapest flights. However, we were still flightless and the dreamed of holiday to Cyprus began to recede. However without the internet I ploughed on and eventually ended up at Warwick University travel centre.


The cheapest they could find us that we could just about afford was Tarom Airlines touching down in Bucharest. With two young children I should have known better, maybe its lucky I didn’t or we may never have ended up with our second home, but, I was naive and booked the flights; not knowing what Bucharest airport held in store for us. tbc


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