The Beginning of the Journey to The Old Olive Mill Dhoros

Back in the 80’s with two small children, we decided that we needed a small home in the Mediterranean as an alternative to the dreary weather we kept finding in England every summer holiday. We had visited France, Greece, Italy and Spain. Greece with its beautiful language and ancient history was a strong competitor with Spain, which was nearer and a good deal cheaper than it is today. Cyprus had always seemed attractive: As it was then not a member the Common Market, we had heard that property was fairly cheap, but with the distance involved and the cost of peak time holidays; it wasn’t really on the cards. That was until I met another Mum, whilst helping out at my son’s primary school. (He had been bringing the same book back week in and week out; The Rat Sat on the Mat, and I knew I had to do something to help him move on) She told me she had a small house in the village of Dhoros in Cyprus and we would be more than welcome to use it for a holiday if we so wished.

front courtyard

It seemed like my prayers had been answered; Greek language with English as the second language, driving on the left hand side of the road, and a holiday we could take in term time dramatically lowering the cost of the flights. I knew this was just the opportunity we had been waiting for, so a quick visit to the bank to arrange an overdraft if we should need it and we were all set. All we had to do was find a cheap flight for two adults and two children….tbc


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